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Logistics Onboarding Expert

Welcome to the dynamic world of logistics, where our Logistics Onboarding Expert plays a crucial role in streamlining the entry process for new team members and operators. This role is tailored for those in the freight, drayage, and wider logistics industry, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding experience.

Our Onboarding Expert specializes in meticulously reviewing essential paperwork and verifying identities for employment. They are the gatekeepers of compliance, ensuring every document meets the industry’s stringent standards, whether it’s for air cargo, freight forwarding, or warehousing operations.

In the fast-paced environment of 3PL and supply chain management, our specialist uses platforms like Tenstreet to guarantee that owner operators fulfill all necessary onboarding steps. This role is pivotal in maintaining constant communication with the Safety Department and local operations teams, aligning with all requirements to support truck drivers and owner operators.

Our expert doesn’t just process paperwork; they guide new entrants through the onboarding journey, ensuring each step is clear, compliant, and completed promptly. This role is designed to facilitate a seamless transition for new team members, allowing them to integrate effectively into their roles and contribute swiftly to operational success.

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