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Order Processing Specialist

In the bustling realm of global logistics, every cargo movement begins with precise order processing. Our Order Processing Specialists are your front line in translating shipment details into action, ensuring your data is meticulously entered and orders are created flawlessly. Equipped to handle the complexities of air cargo, freight forwarding, and the intricate dance of 3PL and drayage, our specialists collaborate with steamship lines, warehouses, and terminals to confirm and kick-start shipment processes. This role is crucial for fleets inundated with daily orders, providing seamless integration through EDI, email, or your preferred communication channels. Outsourcing this pivotal task to the Drayage Specialist means entrusting it to trained team members in supply chain efficiency. Let our Order Processing Specialists be the fuel that powers your intermodal transport engine, ensuring every shipment is on track from the moment it’s booked. With us, your fleet’s productivity will soar, and no order is too complex or too voluminous to handle.

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