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Recruiting Specialist

In the fast-paced world of logistics, having the right team is the key to success. Our Talent Acquisition Expert plays a crucial role in building a robust workforce for your operation, ensuring that every member adds value to your freight forwarding, warehousing, or 3PL business.

This role is all about strategic recruitment. From crafting effective recruitment plans to actively nurturing candidates through the hiring process, our expert is adept at finding the right fit for your team. They utilize industry-specific applications like Tenstreet to streamline the recruitment process, ensuring every step from initial contact to onboarding is smooth and efficient.

For growing fleets and logistics operations in sectors like air cargo, drayage, and supply chain management, our Recruiting Specialist is a game-changer. They not only help in maintaining a steady pace of growth but also ensure that your team is equipped with skilled professionals dedicated to driving your business forward.

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Opt for our outsourcing services and let our Talent Acquisition Team Member, handle the nuances of your on boarding, allowing you to focus on scaling your logistics operation and staying ahead in the competitive freight industry. Expand your team with ease and confidence, knowing you have a recruitment specialist dedicated to your growth.