Drayage Specialist -
Your Strategic Outsourcing Ally in Logistics

At Drayage Specialist, we're not just another outsourcing company; we are your strategic partners in the dynamic world of logistics, drayage, and freight forwarding. Powered by over 20 years of industry expertise, our founders have crafted a service that specializes in elevating operations for 3PL and trucking companies.

Our skilled team members, sourced globally, bring a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to excellence that seamlessly integrates with your local teams. By understanding the intricacies of intermodal transport, cargo handling, and supply chain management, they're not just remote workers; they are an extension of your office, embodying your company's culture and driving your business values.

Job Roles We Offer

Order Creation Specialists
Ensuring every detail is logged accurately for smooth operations.
Customer Service Experts
Providing outstanding service and maintaining client satisfaction.
Recruiting Assistants
Identifying top talent to keep your business ahead.
Billing and Payroll Administrators
Handling financial transactions with precision.
Dispatch Coordinators
Keeping your fleet moving efficiently.
After-Hours Support
Ensuring your operations never miss a beat, day or night.

Every role is filled by someone who's not just qualified but also passionately aligned and trained with the fast-paced needs of the logistics sector. Our comprehensive training programs ensure that each team member is equipped to tackle the unique challenges they will face, guaranteeing a proactive approach to your operational demands and using critical thinking to avoid costly delays.

At Drayage Specialist, we're committed to your growth, offering scalable solutions that adapt as your business evolves. Whether it's reducing overhead costs, managing seasonal demand fluctuations, or ensuring continuous operational excellence, we're here to support every step of your journey.

Discover the difference with Drayage Specialist — where logistics and innovation converge for your success.