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Order Processing Agent

Creating orders, cross referencing with Steam Ship Lines and Terminals to ensure quality of information to complete the delivery of an order.

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Welcome to Drayage Specialist, where we supercharge your logistics game! Our remote staffing team is made up of expert Drayage Specialists who are all about taking care of your business needs. From paperwork to the nitty-gritty of freight forwarding, they've got it handled. With us, you'll see your operations smooth out and speed up, putting you miles ahead of the rest. Ready to rev up your logistics and drayage strategy? Let's get rolling!

Order Processing Agent

Creating orders, cross referencing with Steam Ship Lines and Terminals to ensure quality of information to complete the delivery of an order.

Track and Tracing Agent

Actively coordinate, communicate, and cooperate with local teams and managers to meet customer expectations and identify Drivers, Owner Operators and Carriers to fulfill shipments.

Billing Specialist

Handling client billing, including managing a portfolio and resolving any issues that arise. Communicating effectively with customers or drivers to ensure that billing is handled smoothly.

Payroll Clerk

Ensuring that all necessary documents are submitted for payroll processing. Handling weekly payroll for drivers and owner operators, verifying pay data and calculations, and processing payments.

Customer Service

We prioritize customer satisfaction and work to continuously improve the customer experience. We have a dedicated team that is focused on receiving and processing requests, as well as providing ongoing support to our customers.

Recruiting Specialist

Supporting all aspects of recruiting efforts in your operation, including developing and implementing recruiting plans and guiding leads through the hiring process. We specialize in hiring drivers by networking through industry resources and executing effective recruiting plans.

After-hours Support

Live after-hours support to help drivers with their needs and ensure the success of shipments from start to finish.

Safety Coordinator

Ensuring compliance with Motor Carrier laws by evaluating practices and procedures. Managing annual reviews for drivers, updating required documents, and keeping track of expiration deadlines to keep drivers in compliance and on the road.

Customizable Roles

Our custom roles feature allows you to create personalized admin roles to meet your specific needs. This feature can be used to clearly define specific need for your office and can be a useful alternative to our predefined roles option.

Onboarding Specialist

Acquiring driver onboarding documentation and identification, ensure compliance documents are filled, and assist with an efficient onboarding processing for Truck Owner Operators and Drivers on a platform of your choice. Communicate with Safety and local operations teams to meet necessary onboarding procedures.

Your Remote DrayageDream Team

Dive into a world where top-notch drayage expertise meets the convenience of remote work. At Drayage Specialist, we're all about linking up your Supply Chain business with the sharpest minds in the logistics arena. Our remote professionals are handpicked and honed by industry veterans with over two decades in the game, ready to tackle everything from 3PL challenges to freight forwarding finesse. Picture your local team, but supercharged with our cost-effective, passionate crew, eager to fuel your company's growth. Think less hassle, more hustle. Get ready to partner with a team that's as invested in your success as you are. Welcome to smarter, streamlined, superior service. Welcome to Drayage Specialist.




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