Understanding and Accepting Your Responsibilities at Drayage Specialist

Hello valued team members,

Welcome to our special resource page where we outline some important protocols and expectations that help us work together smoothly and effectively. Let’s dive in!

1. Resignation and AWOL Notice

As a valued member of our team, should you ever decide to part ways with Drayage Specialist, we request you to provide a 30-days written notice. However, If you do not give us a 30 day notice. In such cases, do note that penalties as for failure to do so will be applicable, deducted from your final paycheck.

In case you cannot continue working without providing prior written resignation notice, you’ll be considered AWOL (Absent Without Leave). Here, penalties will apply unless you provide acceptable and verifiable documentation like medical reports or similar.

2. Salary Hold during Notice Period

During your notice period, your salary for the final 20 days or one payroll cycle will be held pending a clearance process. If you’re serving notice for two or more payroll cycles and there are unapproved absences or frequent tardiness, the company reserves the right to hold two payrolls. This amount will be released with your last paycheck once all clearances are done.

3. Deductions for Damages to Company Property

We understand accidents happen. However, if any company property is damaged, after a thorough investigation, the cost of the item (market value less depreciation) may be deducted from your last pay.

4. Drug-Free Workplace Policy

At Drayage Specialist, we’re committed to ensuring a safe, healthy, and drug-free workplace. We ask you to uphold the same values. If necessary, you may be asked to undergo substance abuse testing. Non-compliance or positive test results could result in termination. We want you to be aware of our Drug-Free Workplace Program and Policies, which are always available for review.

5. Communication Guidelines

As a member of the Drayage Specialist family, remember that all personal matters such as leaves, tardiness, resignation, should be addressed to us before you contact our client.

Further, please refrain from contacting any Drayage Specialist clients outside of your assigned tasks. This includes communication via phone, email, social media, etc. Breach of these guidelines, including soliciting work from our clients, is a violation of our privacy and non-disclosure agreement and may result in immediate termination and potential legal action.

For any questions, please refer to the employee handbook or email [email address of responsible people].

Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to maintaining a productive and respectful workplace at Drayage Specialist.

Remember, we’re in this together! Let’s work smart, work hard, and make a difference.

Warm Regards,

The Drayage Specialist Team