How To Build An Offshore Drayage Specialist Team

Working with an offshore Drayage Specialist team has become a common practice for many businesses in the industry. You can train your in-house team to handle any position you need them to handle, but it is both costly and time consuming. In fact, it’s even harder and overwhelming if you’re a startup.

My name is Guillermo Mayol – the CEO of The Drayage Specialist. When I owned my terminal, I started outsourcing back in 2014 and that is when I started growing my business and I had my local office focus on the important things like selling, recruiting and dispatching. I’ve been growing my outsourcing company for the Drayage industry from my office in Orlando, Florida, and we have become the leading provider of qualified and highly skilled remote team members to the Drayage Trucking Industry. I often get asked how I’ve managed to grow my virtual teams. Well, whether it’s a small or big team, we use the same four-phase process to build teams for our clients.

Phase 1: Planning

The first phase of the process is planning. We meet with you via a virtual call to assess what your needs are. We specifically look at the repetitive and crucial tasks that take up most of your local teams time. These are the tasks that are easier to take off your shoulders or your team and delegate to your Drayage specialist. We also discuss how many Drayage Specialists you need, which hours you want them to work, as well as a setup plan, whether they will need to have an internal email and a phone extension with your company’s phone system and much more.

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Phase 2: Recruitment

Once your requirements are spelled out, we go to the next phase of the process, which is recruitment. We recruit all of our teams from the ground-up according to the Drayage Industry’s needs. We go through our database of Drayage specialist already on the team to select the right specialist for your terminal. We always vet all of our applicants and present ourselves with a shortlist of team members that I know will meet your needs. Hence creating a team fully trained prior to you hiring them. Therefore, we process the recruitment and allow you to manage your staff.

Phase 3: Training

Once we’ve found the ideal Drayage Specialist, we move on to the next phase which is training. We’ve created a training campus that is dedicated to the success of our Drayage Specialist. Your Drayage Specialist will have both an understanding of the industry along with real life work experience.

Phase 4: Management

The fourth phase is management which is ongoing for us to be able to manage your requests and your experience with your Drayage Specialist. We have our Drayage Experience Specialist, which makes sure your terminal and your Drayage Specialist are properly collaborating. Our Drayage Experience Specialists take the initiative to deliver a wide range of services that guide any terminal through their entire on boarding process and ongoing experience.

Their role goes beyond the traditional team lead role where they take ownership of your experience in the main areas of the supply chain mindset. They are empowered to move beyond their problem-solving experience and do what needs to be done. Whether processing operational needs, addressing requests, completing reports, delivering quality solutions, or sharing the highlights of the local area, the Drayage Experience Specialist makes solutions feel like part of your local office.

Working with an offshore team is easy. We will gladly help build a strong communication infrastructure and treat your offshore team as part of your terminal. With the four distinct, tried and tested phases outlined, you will not have a problem growing your team of Drayage Specialists with us.

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