7 Reasons to Outsource Billing and Driver Payment Services

When you first started working in the Drayage Trucking Industry, little did you know you’d spend your days juggling business obligations with administrative tasks. Not an ideal state of affairs. And when your business is still young, spreading its wings in a fiercely competitive market, you just don’t have enough hours in the day to also handle billing and driver payments.

You then find yourself wishing that you had an extra pair of hands. Well, you’re not alone. Even though most businesses prefer to have their billing done inhouse, managing these processes can be time consuming. Here are 7 reasons to outsource billing and driver payment services.

1. Save loads of time

Billing and paying drivers can take a lot of your time. It can distract you from the things that you should be doing on a daily basis. Imagine if you used those extra hours exploring new business opportunities, recruiting Owner Operators, drivers or doing what you are really good at … Outsourcing can help you manage multiple tasks within a limited amount of time, while others perform tasks that need to be regularly done.

2. Bring highly skilled workers on your team

Your job can become easier if you have experts who can handle your billing and driver payroll. However, finding highly skilled workers can be challenging. When you hire a Drayage Assistant, you don’t have to bother about the geographical restrictions. This is because you have free access to world-class talent from anywhere in the world, fully educated and detailed oriented.

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3. Save a ship load of cash

Save more than 70% on wages and benefits paid to in-house employees by outsourcing. Better options become available at comparatively lower costs when you outsource. You can also save expenses for office space, maintenance costs and additional taxes.

4. Shift focus to more important tasks

While experts focus on billing and paying your drivers, you can focus on valuable business processes that can grow your business. There are two things that should be focusing on when considering outsourcing – things you can’t do yourself and things you shouldn’t be doing yourself.

5. Bring additional resources

Outsourcing billing and driver payment services gives you access to the best tools which help decrease uncertainty and inconsistencies. This includes the accuracy of someone focused on billing accurately, matching the proper back up documents to bill without disputes, chasing for the right documents and making sure the drivers are being paid on time.

6. Effective Continuity

Outsourcing can help internal staff grow professionally and collect new knowledge that are important to the local market. Like, driver retention, dispatching, sales and best of all Growth.

7. Become more flexible

Outsourcing gives you the flexibility to reduce or expand the size of your team at the blink of an eye. Hiring a Drayage Specialist allows you to scale operations because they have the efficiency to handle the additional volume of work. The flexible nature of a Drayage Specialist will allow you to manage business variables without difficulty at a lower cost. Furthermore, because Drayage Specialists don’t follow inflexible work schedules, you can allocate work hours that are beneficial to your business.

At Drayage Specialist, we go beyond billing and paying drivers. We provide critical oversight and account management to ensure many of your processes are running smoothly. Let’s build a team of Drayage Specialists for your project. Click here to get started.

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