Outsource to The Philippines With Drayage Specialist

It’s easy to outsource to the Philippines with the Drayage Specialist company – an American outsourcing company based in Orlando Florida.

Real Quick, who are we, who am I? I use to run a terminal at the port of New York for almost 20 years. I struggled with growth and wearing multiple hats just to get by. I struggled to understand how other terminals managed to keep the organization moving forward. Until I found a solution to the problem without running out of money. I started hiring my own team members full time for my own operation and saw my office thrive I did so. I was also able to focus on growing the business instead of being a fire fighter and putting fires out all the time. Don’t get me wrong it came with the same hiring challenges I had here, but twice as hard because the person wasn’t here next time. But after a few months everything started to come together.

So, I decided to create a Business Process Outsourcing company that would train my team in the Drayage industry, so we would be able to assist those terminals in need with fully trained Drayage Specialist that can meet their needs without the huge costs. We’ve grown our company to more than 100 team members and scaling across the globe. We offer customer service support, billing, back-end support and after hours support for the trucking and supply chain industry.

Having a virtual support team will be revolutionary for your business. In addition to obvious cost savings, improved customer experience and efficiency, having a remote team will maintain business continuity even in the event of a pandemic or natural disasters. It won’t take too long to build your own team of Drayage Specialists with our office. We guarantee it. So, what are you waiting for? Grow your terminal while a Drayage Specialist manages the tasks that can help you grow. Click here to get started.

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